Thursday, 24 January 2008


I’ve been calling my significant udder, ‘mushi’ for as long as I can remember. It’s not due to a stroke but an ongoing case of affection. Now go to the nearest reflective surface and make an ‘O’ with your mouth and that’s the same expression I had when I saw a new Japanese game for the DS was named, ‘Mushi-shi.’

Whacking the Google with ‘Mushi-shi’ brings up a whack-off-pedia page that has this to say, “Mushi are described as beings in touch with the essence of life, far more basic and pure than the grotesque creatures we are accustomed to. Due to their ephemeral nature most humans are incapable of perceiving Mushi and are oblivious to their existence, but there are a few who possess the ability to see and interact with Mushi.”

Indeed. From the trailer below, it’s safe to say that my lady friend wins out on visuals, interaction and game play. I might well give this one a miss.

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