Thursday, 31 January 2008

StumbleUpon worse than crack

The StumbleUpon plug-in has breathed new life into my web exploring but it might end up destroying my 'real' life. Where texting cost you money and fingernails, prolonged Facebook use made you sad and playing games for too long made your eyes, fingers, sanity and relationships, real ones, deteriorate, StumbleUpon has no obvious, discernable drawbacks...yet.

By its very nature the longer you spend on it the more you like it. Next thing you know, every press of the Stumble button fills you with a sense of glee. This is ‘surfing’ the right way. Then again, hours can fly by and seem like minutes, a definite sign of addiction. Maybe I should nip this in the bud?


Dr Hamhock MD said...

Greatest first-paragraph ever.

Bjam said...

Thank you Dr, how's the NHS treating you these days?