Tuesday, 23 October 2007

TV Links shut down, a pirate lord falls

'Flicking,’ mindlessly going through the hundreds of channels available, searching hopefully but ultimately in vain, for something half decent to watch. This is our collective sin.

The time wasting, life-sapping habit had finally come to an end when I discovered the now debunked TV Links.co.uk. A new world had been opened up. Shows that friends had recommended like Deadwood and The Wire suddenly became available in all their well-written glory. No longer would I be denied for having the wrong TV subscription or not living in the U.S.

It’s a great loss. Despite having a disclaimer and not actually hosting any copyrighted material on the site per say, the pirate lord behind it has been taken into custody. The question is why has he been prosecuted and the chief executives of YouTube, Mega Video, Tudo etc haven’t? If you’re a big enough fish, can you avoid being caught? In any case, we salute you pirate lord, whoever you are.

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Anonymous said...


If you didnt know already there have been multiple FAKE versions of the tv links site popping up.

They have actually annouced that there new website is TV Links DB