Wednesday, 24 October 2007

GPS Jacket or do you know where your kids are? You do now.

Blade Runner, not only the name of the genius neo-noir, Phillip K Dick inspired film but also the name of a clothing manufacturer, that specialises in threads for the feds or something to that affect. They’ve just test run a jacket that has a built in GPS tracker. It’s built for parents who are obviously so over-protective and paranoid of the outside world that, one has to question their suitability in raising a functioning human psyche in the first place.

For all you certifiable parents, it costs £250 with an extra £80 for a gangland, slash proof, Kevlar lined version. If your going to shell out on the jacket in the first place, you may as well convince your child that there is a high probably that they’ll get stabbed at some point, maybe by an irate postman.It’s £10 a month for a subscription which is the same as playing World of Warcraft and at least that way you can guarantee they’d be at home the majority of the time without infringing on their human rights. For all you ‘soccer mums’ and ‘road warrior’ dads, you can check on the location of your offspring anywhere, anytime, via mobile, laptop or crackberry.

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