Thursday, 11 October 2007

SimCity Societies, Green or Carbon utopia?

Just when you thought cities were old masonry, SimCity Societies appears on the horizon. I used to love the first Sim City game, there’s nothing quite like it to teach you the fundamentals of human nature, all be it in some very simplistic terms.

Got a problem with crime? Build police stations everywhere. Don’t want a stuuuupid populace? Build universities. People protesting? Send in the army to crush them. And so it goes until you have a statistical utopia. Then you can destroy it with floods, earthquakes and even a giant alien eye. All of life’s lessons in one place.

Now we live in more complicated times, apparently. The methods of old simply don’t apply anymore. That’s why SimCity Societies lets you influence every aspect of your simmy Sims. Want a complete 1984 totalitarian society? A crazy fun loving society with carnival buildings? Or maybe mix and match and have jackboot clad police with a smiley face like a Banksy painting.
The trailer below shows the difference between a thriving but ultimately, environmentally choking, industrial complex or a green powered wonderland. No plastic surgery prizes for guessing which system the developers favour.

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