Monday, 1 October 2007

I can’t write so good (WhiteSmoke)

If you find writing difficult, you needn't hide your prose in shame. An American-Israeli company, WhiteSmoke (also the name of the software in question) analyses your text and suggests grammatical improvements, amends, spelling etc but that’s what Microsoft Word does anyway, right? WhiteSmoke (apart from having a name that sounds like a secret organization) argue that their software is different because it uses an A.I system that scans for well-written pieces across the web and applies them to new contexts.

Whether or not this will lead to an ‘organic’ written movement, ‘No WhiteSmoke A.I was used in the creation of this piece’ is yet to be seen (People do like authenticity after all.) At least with Word, you can turn off the annoying paper clip or old school Mac computer, when they try to give you advice. A sophisticated A.I berating you sounds more like the megalomaniac A.I found in the System Shock series (Shodan). First written documents then the world! Ahhhhhh!

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