Monday, 22 October 2007

One set top box to rule them all.

I don’t know which one to choose…to play or not to play. The choice for many today is one between consoles (you can forget actual meaningful fulfilment.) Do I go for a ludicrously expensive PS3, a chunky Xbox 360 with a predominantly testosterone driven game library or the oh so trendy, occupying granddad and child alike, Wii?

It’s a tricky question, especially with vastly different online, media and game options. But if it’s tricky for you and I, the gormless buying public imagine what a nightmare it must be for developers, working things out for three different models. Mind microwavingly hard.

That’s probably why senior executive at Electronic Arts Gerhard Florin has said, "I am not sure how long we will have dedicated consoles - but we could be talking up to 15 years." A call to arms perhaps?

He goes on to predict the importance of sever based games and or streaming content direct to set top boxes. I quite like the idea of having just one box in my living room vs. the five or six some people who have too much blood money seem to accumulate. The concept of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo channels on your set top box has my seal of strudel.

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