Tuesday, 16 October 2007

The Sopranos, Bada Bing

*Ambulance siren*

Dr: What’s he taken?

Nurse: He’s ODed on Sopranos.

And it’s true, I have. I’ve consumed series two to five in the space of a week. When the Sopranos first aired I watched it more for the violence, the bada bing antics and occasional nudity that were key interests at thirteen years of age.

The numerous allusions were lost on my feeble young mind. Despite my recent revelations concerning the series, I don’t want to go into why the Soprano’s is great, that’s been covered ad nauseam on the blogger sphere and beyond. Instead I wanted to list some of the stranger thoughts and feelings the Sopranos conjures up:

a) The Sopranos makes me hungry. They’re always eating. I’ve never craved spaghetti and lasagne so much in my whole life.

b) Body image: Watching these overweight, middle-aged men makes me feel hopeful for the future. As long as you’re a ‘wise guy’ being fat or going bald doesn’t necessarily equate to becoming unattractive to the opposite sex.

c) Being a ‘civilian’ is infinitely more attractive than being a ‘made man.’ Despite the vast sums of money, women and power, the betrayal, violence, incompetence and stupidity of being a gangster is as appealing as swimming with the fishes…in the Thames.

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