Monday, 1 October 2007

Myth and Legend

I’ve expressed my massive love for the Myth series of games several times before but today I was reminded, yet again, of its genius. The video below includes all the animated cut scenes from the second instalment Myth II: Soulblighter. Myth, in my opinion, still has one of the best narratives found in any game to date and that’s quite an achievement as the game industry has had nine years to supercede it.

The rights to Myth are now owned by Take 2 Interactive, so if you’re reading Take 2 (which is doubtful) I’ll write the animated series of Myth for free! No joke. Anyway, if the video below makes no sense (which is probable if you haven’t played the game) this link will take you to the compelling and very well written ‘journal entries’ that act as the main plot driver for the game.

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