Tuesday, 2 October 2007

How much is music worth? You decide.

Radiohead are offering their new album, Rainbows, to fans for nothing. Their ‘honesty box’ experiment is an attempt to restructure how the music industry currently operates. Fans can pay nothing or whatever they deem fair for moans and electro bops. For die-hard fans a physical box set (real, I know, in this day and age?) that includes all the usual die-hard discards: photos, artwork, more songs etc will be on sale for £40.

I’m sure suits everywhere are sweating in anticipation of what the results will be. Buying an album by a high profile group for nothing (45p admin fee, come on, that’s still basically free, you tight bastards) is a first. Don’t worry, the money they make from tours, merchandise and extensive discography mean they won’t be thrown in the poor house just yet.

I haven’t bought a CD for nearly two years but that’s because I want to be a pirate, arrrrr. The truth is I’ll still buy albums of artists that I feel haven’t lost their way but that’s a dwindling few now and buying albums off iTunes is a joke. Only register a song to five separate machines? Damn you Steve Jobs!

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