Thursday, 18 October 2007

Facebook and Myspace or the tortoise and the hare

Which network will ultimately win? Does it matter, and can there actually be an all out winner? Can you be better at one than the other? I had a friend say to me, all be it when they were a bit pissed, “I’m winning at Facebook.” We're no longer friends.My bias lies with Facebook as of now, the interface is simple and slick, they’re not owned by an evil entity…yet and allowing third party developers to build applications from the off, resonates very strongly with me.

I read today however, that Myspace still has more users than Facebook globally, (I have to wonder how many of those are active users) and that they’ve announced third party application development too. The fight goes on here and here.


Dr Hamhock MD said...

MySpazzes UI is so fucking retarded it's no wonder Facebook sprung up so firmly.

I say F(r)iends Re-united Missed a huge gaping hole. They must feel dead inside.

Bjam said...

Rupert Murdoch feels dead inside, that's why he needs the constant consumption of new souls.