Thursday, 25 October 2007

Offspring rat out parents on social networking sites

It’s like the end of Fatherland all over again. If you’re not familiar with the Robert Harris book or the TV adaptation staring Rutger Hauer, basically the Axis (the real one, not the George W. Bush one) won the Second World War. The Nazi’s have surpassed themselves in oppression. A detective discovers a plot that could cause Hitler quite an upset on his 60th birthday. I’m sort of spoiling the end but when it looks like our hero might succeed, his own son reports him to the secret police.

That’s one end of the jackboot (the pointy end) but the other is happening right now. More and more parents albeit in the US mostly, are finding that what their children say on social networking sites is coming back to stamp on them like the other end of the aforementioned jackboot.

“Many families are getting hurt according to internet safety expert Parry Aftab.

‘I've represented a lot of parents who've come to me when they have been fired, they've been demoted, or they've been called on the carpet because of what their kids posted online,’ Attab said.”

If I were you, I’d get your children to implement all the privacy options available; otherwise it’s the knock at the door in the middle of the night for you.

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