Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Producers of content and I

Meeting the creator of something you enjoy is great. The first time it happened to me was during my raving days at Peach (at the Camden Palace). I have such a vivid(ish) memory of listening to Graham Gold, Pete Tong, Judge Jules or someone else with an equally stupid name, play choons over the radio that would feature later that Friday evening.

Amidst bodies, stewing in bass and luminescence, I could and often did, stumble up to the raised stage and talk to the DJs. Granted, the conversation usually went something like, “Hey, hey, Armin Van Buuren? Yeah, I’ve got your new choon, yeah. It’s a blinder mate. This set is banging.”

The important thing to note, is the ease of access between a producer of content and the consumer. Had I been a bit more coherent and the music a little less loud, there’s no doubt in my mind that Armin and I could have discussed what exactly made his ‘choons so banging.’

Imagine my surprise when I discovered the interweb is not too dissimilar from Peach, albeit with less sick on the floor. So far, I’ve written about/to: Paul Barnett, Oddworld Inhabitants, Rachel Newsome, Aleks Krotoski and more. So what? People send fan mail all the time. Yes, but the difference is these people got back to me within moments (digitally speaking). I’ve had the opportunity to discuss with the creator/producer personally. It’s like texting 666 and having Satan reply but less scary.

The interweb: allowing producer and consumer closer than ever and its open all the time, not just on Fridays. The entry price is the same though.

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