Friday, 8 February 2008

The Mighty Boosh, spiritual successor to Nathan Barley?

They’ve both got actors Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt in common. They’re both set in London. One is definitely more surreal than the other and yet despite this, they both satirise a particular segment of society so well its scary.

Nathan Barley is funny even if you’re unfamiliar with Hoxditch. However, it takes on new meaning if you’ve ever been on a night out or worked there. Capturing what was the hobo yuppies, creative businesses and surrounding artistic community scene of 2005. Lets have a peek through the looking glass:

The Mighty Boosh, when grounded in some reality, tends to focus more on the drainpipes, black eyeliner and hair sculpted to casual perfection, movement. Small contingents of these can be found in Shoreditch but they are more prevalent in Camden:


daudi said...

MyspaceTV have just launched the BBC Worlwide channel and you can watch the latest episode of The Mighty Boosh for free.  There's loads more on there as well - Louis Theroux, Top Gear, The Royle Family, plus Sci-Fi, Drama... (etc)

Check it out here:


Bjam said...

Who said online advertising wasn't subtle?