Thursday, 14 February 2008

Inferno of sound

‘Ohhh, I feel sick, my head is about to burst and my chest aches!’ That’s what we could all be gurgling on the floor of a restricted area coming near to you soon! As well as giving us Abba and Ikea, the Swedish manufacturer Indusec has now inflicted the ‘Inferno’ on the world.

The Inferno 'sound bar' emits a 125dB within a defined area. It causes nausea and physical aches.

It’s so effective that Indusec are selling them to the Russian government to protect their nuclear weapon depots. It looks like deaf mercenaries and terrorists might well have found their calling…figuratively speaking.

Got your own stash of nuclear grade plutonium? Well, the Inferno isn’t just for Federal governments with oil and gas money to burn. You too can afford one of these sound, death rays for the ‘ridiculous’ price of $1,800. That’s about £914.

As well as the former Sov Block, Boots is also planning to install the Inferno throughout all their shops. Never has a trip to buy shampoo seemed so hazardous.

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