Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Botanicalls Twitter

I used to be a big fan of Cacti. I had a prickly forest’s worth when I was younger. The problem with Cacti; you assume that they don’t need much water and so lapse into forgetting to give them any at all. A dead cactus looks infinitely more depressing than say, some withered flowers. They sort of implode and whole chunks fall off, until it starts to resemble some zombie/cactus hybrid.

If you have a propensity for being absent minded, never fear. Not since the invention of the automatic sprinkler have plants had a reason to give a collect, err, flowering.


"Botanicalls Twitter answers the question: What's up with your plant? It offers a connection to your leafy pal via online Twitter status updates that reach you anywhere in the world. When your plant needs water, it will post to let you know, and send its thanks when you show it love"

Now you can talk to your plants and they’ll talk back, albeit only when they want something. A bit like real people then.

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