Thursday, 7 February 2008

Oh, a Fuelmyblog member are you, mmmm?

I’ve been accepted into the exclusive Fuelmyblog community. How it warrants being called 'exclusive' is a mystery. I mean, they let me in and I’ve never belonged to any club, ever…except the Lego Club. Does that count?
I think everyone can sympathise with the pain of stepping barefoot on a discarded Lego block but the Lego Club repaid that pain debt in full. They remembered my birthday every year till I was ten. Will you do the same Fuelmyblog?


sylvie d said...

ah! I love Lego...The answer is no,Fuel won't remember your birthday ...but it will give you somewhere to talk about your blog,a chance to befriend other bloggers via a fuel (always leave a message, especially one that will trigger a smile)a chance to win cool prizes, (like turning your blog into a book as an example) It is a community for bloggers run by bloggers and we love it ;-)

Bjam said...

well, as long as people in the community do, I can't ask for more than that. Damn you Lego block!

Bjam said...

From my other blog, Kevind wrote:

It is exclusive as we turn away over 1/3rd joining up!

Let me know your birthday I’ll make you a lego card of sorts! ;-)

Thanks for the post, I was an Eyespy club member in the 70’s!