Monday, 18 February 2008

Guitar Zeroes

I’ve talked about the dangers posed to you and others when trying to create music using console peripherals (Wiiii I’m DJ) and next in what seems to be a growing trend of geekness, a mod too far, comes the Guitar Zeroes.

The Guitar Zeroes have modified the guitar shaped controls from Guitar Hero and re-implemented them to generate original music rather than just keeping time with a pre-layed track. I can’t say I like their style but its certainly more interesting than a lot of the bland, guitar music that’s coming out of Terra recently.

Like the esteemed planner Adrian Jarvis would say, “Pretending the 80s and acid house didn’t happen isn’t an option anymore, yeah!”

In any case, rock out with these controller, axes…or something to that effect.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wrong in too many ways.

its like there was shite indie and sad rock. then acid house happened. some people get with the new world, some stayed shite and sad.