Friday, 15 February 2008

Valentines: a catalyst for fear

It sneaked up on me, like some kind of love-starved stalker. I, like every other hapless idiot, was forced at heart point to do ‘the shop.’

Instead of boycotting Valentines, which might upset your significant udder, because, despite how independently minded you think you are, it’s harder than you think to break from the herd mentality (that sentence was longer than it needed to be). I mean how many people do you know boycott Christmas (excepting religious differences) apart from hardcore humbuggers?

So, this year I bought a potted plant, no, not the half dead ones you get in offices but a proper one with bulbs and everything. This was my stand against a) the waste buying cut flowers produces and b) the terrible working conditions that some of the countries these flowers are grown in.

Next, I refused to buy a card with so much as a heart on it. Hallmark certainly doesn’t need any more incentive to churn out shit. Instead I bought a very tasteful (I thought anyway) V&A card. Arts good, hearts bad.

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