Monday, 25 February 2008

One page interweb

As I understand it, prolonged surfing leads to a contracting of the muscles. This, as you can imagine, makes if very difficult to keep going time after time. There are ways to get around it, like taking up Yoga but frankly this analogy has run its course.

Web surfing, if people still use that expression, maybe it’s, speeding through the ether (net)? Anyway, I was having a conversation (a real one, with body language and everything) about the one page interweb. I mentioned before how watching news stories jump from widget to widget on my iGoogle page could send a person insane but through the madness, there came a sort of clarity, (not to be confused with ‘a moment of clarity’ ala alcoholics) a thought trail.

When first boot kicking my laptop to start, I used to execute a very Zen like and fluid movement (prepare for ultra geekness). Opening Firefox and then hitting command + T about five or six times, I needed only to type a few characters to see familiar web urls spring to life. Now I don’t bother. It’s not that I’ve suddenly become a technophobe or developed RSI I simply don’t need to.

All the pages I used to visit now have widgets for iGoogle. One page to rule them all, so to speak. My friends argued that Netvibes has a better interface…meh. Regardless, whatever into-your-face you favour, iGoogle has the cool changing panorama at the top of the page. In my more reflective moods I have the little fox who makes tea and goes fishing all in a quaint oriental backdrop, in my more ridicules moods I have the giant monster who works out and fights metal versions of himself whilst protecting an (oriental, I’m guessing) city. That’s genius.

Let the interweb come to you. Now I only venture out of my iGoogle high castle to hit the dreaded, sleep deprivating StumbleUpon button. I’m still working on the addiction. “Hello everyone, my name is Ben and I like to St-t-t-t-umble Upon.”

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