Tuesday, 19 February 2008

From my iGoogle tower I can see everything

With my iGoogle page I feel like Colin Laney in William Gibson’s, Bridge Trilogy. He has an innate ability to spot ‘nodes’ in the sea of information that is the interweb.

It only occurred to me yesterday when two stories originated in one widget and then spread like a virus to others. The first was a speculation that Toshiba were going to announce that HD DVD had officially lost against Sony’s, Blu-ray. This sprung up on Digg and a few hours later had spread to my guardian, BBC technology, Google technology and Wired widgets.

The next story to multiply was the announcement that BBC programs were to appear on iTunes. This proliferated in much the same way. This suggests that there are people out there getting paid to essentially watch what appears on other news sources and regurgitate them. I can do that too, gimme moolah!

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