Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Wiiiii I’m a DJ

DJ WiiJ aka Jimmy Lesondak has a stupid smear of a square beard as if he just smelled his own shit and it manifested on his face. He uses two Wii motes to scratch, mix and generally be a prick. It might be an idea, if you get wind of him playing a show in your local area to bring all your spare Wii motes and catapult them at his stupid face, David and Goliath style.

Chances are you wont even be blamed for the subsequent death by Wii (sounds like a snuff film) because as we all know Wii motes are notorious for breaking off at the strap.

Chances are he’ll become incredibly successful and grow obese from all the drugs, adulation and groupies he’s digested. All hail Baron Harkonen!

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