Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Smugness is the silent killer

The 1UP show might have once started out as a group of enthusiastic games journalists, trying to create a visual forum; bringing together their individual gaming experiences for discussion. It’s now become a vanity and shit expulsion exercise.

Every new episode highlights a self-indulgent segment that either has them playing an ego boosting gaming tournament or having dinner with a developer mate, discussing how they can ‘own’ each other at a particular game.

Even if the gaming information you want is there, you have to pan through all the shit just to get a single gold nugget or maybe just a nugget. And the infinite use of the word ‘like’ in every sentence is enough to make you put a fatwa on the whole of Sans Francisco, where their smugness seeps out into the world.

Honestly, games journalism whether it is TV programmes or vid-casts needs to be more like Bits, early Games Master or the Charlie Brooker games special and needs to be less fucking smug.

Be more John Snow and less like one of the personality driven FOX news or CNN correspondents. Its not about you, its about the games and if you can’t communicate that sans your disgustingly over paid ego seeping through like infected bed soars, then stop all together. I want to learn about an upcoming game, event or technology in a concise and/or amusing way. They fail to do both. Boooo to smugness.

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