Thursday, 28 June 2007

It's now, now,!

I can't sing the praises of Google Current enough. The vast majority of the content is user generated. I.e. any crack fiend with a camera can make a film about being addicted to crack and be paid £250 for their trouble. It's like You've Been Framed but without the injuries and more dignity.
The sheer breath of pods (videos) is immense, covering everything from drug labs in Columbia to break dancing pensioners. Each pod averages three to eight minutes which is perfect for my short attent...hey, is that Jack? It's like being on Whackoffpedia, and repeatedly pressing the random article link without having to read!

The only downsides are the smugger than smug presenters that are a throw back to the VJs of MTV. Each one is a supermodel and each makes it quite obvious they are auto-pilot reading off an auto-cue. This isn't a massive surprise as most writers are so hideous that beautiful people are often required to read their words to the public. 'Eww, I don't even care what he's saying, he looks like someone just shat him out.'

Repeats is the other problem. If you watch it zealously enough like I do then you are bound to see the same pods and Google Current programs (news bulletins) very often. That's more a reflection of me as a shut in than it is of people not producing enough content. Go watch now!

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