Monday, 18 June 2007

Don't lecture me (hypocrite)

Yeah so when you're drinking that fifth litre of whisky or whatever stupidly named cocktail you just guzzled down like some hungry SUV and there's that momentary reflection. You think, 'fuck I'm X years old and I'm still doing this.'

For some ridicules reason you assume that being between the ages of 17 – 27 it's all alright 'yeah cos that's what I'm meant to be doing errrr.' There, congratulations you've just become what Jean Paul Sartre called 'bad-faith,' you've given over all your free will and become an object with a set amount of options like a fucking Casio keyboard.

Except you don't make anywhere near as many interesting sounds just a static noise varying in pitch every time you open your fog horn of a mouth. I digress as a pretty heavy drinker and smoker (at the weekends at least) I know what it's all about. Let's not lose perspective. Drinks anyone?

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