Friday, 22 June 2007

24hr pint streaming (somerset house)

I went to the original Somerset House film festival before it got big (that makes me a trend setter, you Film4 watching, Guardian composting...) that's when it was sponsored by Becks (the beer not the artist). Becks doesn't have a tv channel like Film4 (the new sponsor) otherwise it'd be 24 hour pint glass streaming. Alcoholics would try and lick or worse attempt to drink their screen, buckling under the sheer weight.

Who knows, (I should) last time it was really good. The green lighting everywhere ( a subtle marketing ploy) made me feel a bit nauseous and the drinks are silly expensive (sneak in your own booze). Oh, and you should bring a pillow, your arse will fall off after sitting on cobble stones for two hours. If nothing else you get a tramp's eye view for the evening: cold seating, getting pissed, watching blurry images not sure if they're in your mind or being projected on to a stately home.

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