Wednesday, 17 October 2007

GT Retrospectives

There are certain achievements that deserve accolades and praise: Sequencing the human genome, the discovery of penicillin, the prose of Shakespeare etc. Achievements are fantastic things but it’s their recording, contemplation and analysis that allows these great works to trickle down into the populace’s consciousness. Game Trailers has done just that with they’re remarkable digital tomes: GT Retrospectives.

A short coming of my biologicals was that I didn’t exist when the first versions of these epic series were created. I didn’t, until recently, have any real perspective on how revolutionary each of these series were, not only to the gaming industry but also to the cultural zeitgeist. OK, I got a bit carried away there, the last bit was an exaggeration but even if you’re not a games fan I’d implore you to watch at least one episode from each retrospective, if only to get some idea of the creativity and innovation that went into combining storytelling, music, art and game play together in these true classics:

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