Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Advertising idiocy

When watching anything on surfthechannel you can expect, in the bottom right corner, your typical asinine flash ad. I’d usually avoid having to look at ‘tickle the fat kid till he laughs to win an i-pod’ or ‘dunk cupid’ or some other gank by either shrinking my browser or going for the full screen option.

The problem lies with two other flash ads that randomly reside in the bottom right corner of doom. Said ads make an annoying error noise every few seconds, seemingly to try and draw your attention. This would be fine, well no it wouldn’t, but I could at least understand the peon thinking behind it if it wasn’t overlooking the fatal floor that this is a video site! People come here to watch videos and inherently these include sound, as in people talking, errrrrrr.

So with much irritation and a swift refresh, you pray to land on a flash ad that’s slightly less evil on the roulette wheel of shit.

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