Tuesday, 1 April 2008


I was stumbling the other day when I came across the poetry of Joe Dunthorne. It’s urban and topical in theme and wouldn’t be out of place on say, an episode of Skins but, oh wait, they’re all stage school kids, d’oh. Therefore the most grime they will have seen is under a fingernail.

Apart from the poems, Dunthorne has bizarre sketches littered around his site. The artist is someone called Alastair O’shea. I did a search for O’shea and came up with Fatking Productions. It turns out he designs web games. Its weird how the web works.

You might not be a fan of the poetry or the sketches but I’d challenge anyone to ‘gats’ at dawn if they don’t find this particular puzzle game simultaneously sickeningly cute and finger bleeding addictive.

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