Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Google results envy

When I first started this blog I was way back on page nine and now only a small child, an associate tutor and a very talented comic book artist stand in my way. This is how Machiavelli must have felt.

From what I understand of Google Organic the small child is ranked higher due to the amount of times his name appears across the site, that or he’s got a massive family all linking to him like the Borg collective. The associate tutor must have many an enamored student linking to his profile. The comic book artist invariably has a small army of fan boys linking, discussing and gushing over his works.

Why even bother to disclose this information? I dunno, I didn’t care until I was so bored over the egg’s weekend that I Google smacked my name. Now the top is so close I can type it. The first two seem beatable. As for the comic artist you’ve got a digital David and Goliath thing going on. I’ve changed the title of this blog in an effort to make some in roads. We shall see if Google is a kind mistress in a few days or if I decide to grow up.

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