Wednesday, 19 March 2008


My TV sits in the corner like that annoying person at parties, the one you try and avoid for fear of being trapped in a boring vortex. Poor TV, no longer are you the gateway to entertainment, learning and zoning out, well maybe the last one still holds true.

I can only think of three instances when I watch TV programs/the screen on the actual TV set:

1) Current TV – Although the quality of content on Current far surpasses that of say YouTube or the others, like Youtube et all I can’t watch it for hours on end via my laptop. I don’t know why. Maybe the screen isn’t big enough. Or maybe it’s the sentimental part of me that desperately wants something my long-standing friend TV and I can enjoy together.

2) Hung-over: When hung-over I’ve been known to watch appalling dross like, America’s Next Top Model, The Girls of the Playboy Mansion, Vanity Lair and many more programmes that if you watched in full sobriety you’d think humanity had actually taken an evolutionary step backwards.

3) Games! Well, not really anymore. Due to a sort of conscious objection (and lack of funds) I opted out of the ‘next gen’ console war. I’ve only had my DS and aging PS2 for company. That same sentimentality organ, that’s inoperable by the way, started secreting and I began to play some of my old PS2 games. “Lo, these games really do not bare another play through,” I thought.

So, providing I stop drinking, learn to watch Current on my laptop and finally get rid of my PS2, my TV really will become a monolith of a by gone era.


Dr Hamhock MD said...

God I love Hang-Over-TV. Especially the Sunday Zomnibus.

Bjam said...

word dr, word.