Monday, 10 March 2008

If you Stumble, you might Tumblr

I’m finding I like Tumblr more and more. It’s like giving someone the ability to unscrew my bulbous scalp and stare directly at the pulsating, grey goo encased within. Through the useful ‘share on Tumblr’ button, everything I come across is posted directly on to my personal Tumblr page.

How’s this different from submitting stuff to your Facebook account you say? Or maybe you don’t but lets go with it anyway. Whereas submitting stuff to Facebook is somewhat lame due to the space it takes up in your mini feed, Tumblr allows you to connect several RSS feeds directly, turning a Tumblr page into a sort of, cyber, stream of consciousness. I get all my Twitter,, Flickr etc updates put on there, plus, any interesting stuff I find randomly through StumbleUpon.

My Tumblr page is comprised of a nonsensical collection of random oddities. A bit like my mind, no, very much like my mind. Where Twitter allows you to post thoughts and actions this allows images, videos and links to be posted directly, thus making it one seamless cerebral experience. Like I said before, it’s as if someone is taking a gander at my grey matter…and I kind of like it.

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