Saturday, 14 July 2007

Canals on Mars?

"Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know. He's in the best selling show. Is there life on Mars?" Yes, there most definitely is life on Mars despite the eloping, ungrateful actions of Beagle 2 failing to prove it. I'm late to the party and it being a full year since it was first shown, it makes me the prick who turns up when all the beer is warm and someone's been sick in the pond.

I didn't like John Simm and I can't really explain why, it probably stems from the same irrational prejudice that made me ignore the promos for the first series of Life on Mars. 'Err, cop show, 70s, Northern...wank.' That being said, Mr. Simm's portrayal of the The Master in a recent Dr. Who episode made me want to give him a reheat. His Blairesque, sociopath character, won my vote.

That's not to say that Simm has the only gripping character. His gruff, no nonsense, spit in your tea partner played by Philip Glenister, Gene Hunt, is the sort of man I wish I could be. Actually, no, metro-sexuality is SO where its at right now. The cast aside, its the cross genre menagerie that really makes me start salivating ala Pavlov's mutt.

It's important to mention I've only just finished the first series so the true meaning behind Sam Tyler's sudden appearance in 1973 hasn't been revealed yet. On the face of it, the show is like any other cop program but it's the genuinely unnerving, surreal moments, that make it so compelling. The 'end of transmission girl,' who frequently appears to Sam when he's apparently nodded off, is creepier than many recent horror films have managed to manifest. Not to mention the echoing voices of Sam's friends and family talking to him from outside his supposed catatonic state. It's what shows like Lost try to be but have failed like a polish pimp joining the gentry. So as Gene Hunt says,"'s 1973. Almost dinner time. I'm 'aving hoops." Now go watch!

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