Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Yo ho ho and a bottle of Scumm, yum.

A lot of the skullduggery that takes place in Ron Gilbert's, Monkey Island series is based largely on Tim Powers', On Stranger Tides. Monkey I and II were/are amazing. In the first, you’re looking to get a reputation, like many hood rats are nowadays, except you have to use insults and your brain, not a gatt and some crack.

Then arrrr, you've got the treasure and everything looks pieces of eight by the beginning of the second installment. Drawing upon the hood rat analogy; you get mugged right at the start. However, you are left with a cool beard which sadly, still isn't enough to get served in the piratey drink holes.

You'd think IDing would be the least of your worries if you were in charge of the Hope & Anchor, (Hopeless Wanker) if it was regular, for your regulars to get in the way of cutlass edges and ball shot. You don't want to drink the booze anyway; it’s more corrosive than the brown bottle Sid the tramp carries outside Tescos. Scumm is a good name for a drink. It implies who should drink it and what it’ll taste like.

Similarities between the book and games include: Voodoo dolls (which are actually a Christian folklore practice from the Netherlands, I think) zombie pirates, salty sea dogs (why not wash them off?) ladies that appear to need saving, colourful characters (that's not racist) and treachery.

That's as far as I've got, I’m afraid. I'm more used to reading, 'Jill sat on the matt next to her DEMONIC cat...' This is what Whackoffpedia calls a stub; I'd call it a snub to you, the readers. Before making me walk the blankedy blank, I’m pretty ill today which means:

a) I'll read more of the book now and can expand your grey goop with my findings.

b) If you're empathetic, don't try and feed me chicken soup through the monitor or disc drive. Send it over Voodoo Express, Royal Mail's shit these days.


Dr Hamhock MD said...

I loved SOMI, m'hearty.

Need to know whether the recent Pirates films "draw inspiration" (ripped off) from that very book (like they did with Davy Jones, the cunts).

Or is there only really ONE pirate story?

Bjam said...

He use to say his main inspiration for monkey lovin was the pirates ride at disney fiddler land. It was only recently he spoke about this book.

I'd give it a read if you find the time. Its all the best bits from monkey lovin combined, except without the humour...

Anonymous said...

I think that book is by Tim Powers.

Bjam said...

Your right, what I meant to say, "A lot of the skullduggery that takes place in Ron Gilbert's, Monkey Island series is based largely on Tim Powers, On Stranger Tides."