Thursday, 5 July 2007


When I was sixteen I had to go to court. At the risk of lowering my street cred and rude boi status, it wasn't a crime I committed but one that I witnessed that brought me to the dock that day. My friend's dog had been stolen at knife point.

On the day of the trial I remember going up to the witness stand, looking around at the Jury, Barristers and Judge thinking, "this is all a bit serious. This would be awesome if everyone was an anime character and had gimmiks like carrying a whip or looking like they were from a different centurary." Low and behold my wish came true:

If I were a lawyer in the world of Phoenix Wright an average day would go like:

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: Is the prosecution and defense ready?

In chorus: Yes your honour.

Ben Wright: I'd like to call the first witness, who happens to be dead but can be here today, channeled through a spirit medium.

Joanna Von Karma: OBJECTION!

Joanna Von Karma: Your honour, this is a foolishly foolhardy joke isn't it?

Judge: I'll allow it.

Some fist slamming and index finger tapping to the head later...

Judge: Well, after all those twists and turns we've finally reached the truth. I find your defendant, NOT GUILTY!

And quite literally, little fireworks and party poppers go off in the court room. Phoenix Wright is judicialtastic on so many levels that I have neither the space or inclination to get them all down here. Alright then...

Memorable characters, some genuinely amusing and others frustratingly fatwable. The game plays as half court room drama and half film noir but with much brighter settings. Think circuses instead of grim metropolises.

Look for clues, break psyche locks (tightly held secrets) use your grey blob to out think the prosecution and deliver your client's freedom. Facial expressions, character mannerisms all make for a laughing whilst falling over (Anime style) good time. It's up to the fourth installment now i think, so go buy!

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Dr Hamhock MD said...

Really enjoying your plebsite. It makes me FOL (Fart out Loud) and even makes me C&WOL. Sometimes.

Keep up the quality work, Brother Ben.