Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Collective Coronary

I just saw a report on a South Korean reality TV show entitled Space Idol. This puts into context the sheer mediocrity of our own light entertainment situation. The US aren’t best pleased about South Korea having missile launch sites but I’m less worried about the arms race and more concerned with the light entertainment race.

South Korea already has a thick fiber optic infrastructure delivering, obviously, far superior light entertainment at warp speed. LG, one of the world’s leading technology companies build’s smart homes like we build council estates with faulty plumbing.

The BBC pisses away TV licence money on, Can Fat Teens Hunt and Strictly Come Dancing (for washed up TV journos, soap stars and whatever other dross) and ITV, when not robbing the viewing public through phone competition scams is spewing out X Factor 30, (which is XXX in roman numerals incidentally) South Korea, instead of combing their nation for the last vestiges of plebs that haven’t already been thrown into the reality TV coliseum, to be a once cheered and then thrown to the metaphorical lions, are training them to go to space. Space! Launching them into the great unknown not the front pages of Heat, Spam, Idiot or whatever other mags have taken the mantle of opium of the masses.

That’s where we’re going wrong: got a shortage of teachers, Teacher Idol. No doctors, Doctor Idol. Instead of brainwashing the next generation into thinking that they can become famous and therefore worthwhile, let’s show people actually using their grey goo for practical purposes.

That’s right; people win awards for actually doing something, you know, to further the advancement of the human race, yeah. The collective coronary the next generation are prophesied to have from fast food and faster dreams both inevitably evaporating and leaving congealing lard in both their bodies and minds, needn’t happen.

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