Friday, 23 November 2007


Is a new browser based MMO for, you know, people who like to see other people online and not shoot at them, or swing an axe their way which sort of defeats the point. I don’t think it’s solely down to being hung-over but I thought the ‘socio’ in Sociotown was short for sociopath.

An MMO where you all play characters a bit like Patrick Bateman ala American Psycho, and do all the pretend shopping and dinning you would do in say, Second Life, but every now and again you have to kill another player preferably while your player is completely naked except for some tennis shows and wielding a chainsaw.

You’d also have a ‘disgust’ bar that you’d need to keep topped up by talking to other players but secretly typing how much you despise the place they’ve brought you to eat or how unfashionable their clothes are.

I’d call it, Psycho Life.

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