Monday, 5 November 2007

Halo 3 makes you a suicide bomber

One of my biggest problems with online games is the time spent, to the how good you are ratio. As I’m no longer a child, physically at least, I have neither the time or drive to become an ‘elite’ player at anything, even at life. I’m the very personification of the ‘casual gamer.’ It’s a better way of being, probably.

An article written by blah blah from Wired magazine talks about this same, Time x Eliteness = Bragging rights ratio, except to get around being constantly humiliated by thirteen year olds, he adopts the tactic of a suicide bomber/kamikaze pilot.

He draws parallels with the ‘economy’ of Halo and equating the same futility of going against hardcore players as akin to going against a western army. This is a bit of a stretch. I’ve made more surreal connections in this blog before but I’m hoping for my mental and physical health that you and more importantly the storm trooper authorities have taken it as jest.

With the time issue in mind, I’ve always been an advocate for a tiered gaming system. At the moment, for most MMO type games, you have the option to either enter a world where you’re predominately playing against computer controlled bots or a world where you play against other players.

I think there should be servers with names like: ‘Yes, I do have a job or if I play too long my loved one will leave me or I’m in full time education therefore this is my life or I’m twelve and therefore totally l33t etc That way, people like me can be grouped much more fairly and our general lameness will be disguised through sheer force of numbers.

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Joanna Steele said...

great idea...but human nature is to constantly improve..would you not remain static if you were put with someone at your level...or I may be taking this all much to seriously:)