Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Spanish for Everybody or how i let my son go to Tijuana with his irresponsible aunt

When I was younger, I was bilingual. Some would say it’s criminal that I didn’t keep it up but what’s even more criminal is lending your Nintendo DS to someone and them not giving it back! Such a crime is perpetrated against the protagonist of ‘Spanish for Everyone’ DS.

I especially like the line, ‘You’re the son of my favourite brother in law right?’ You’re the one who pulled up to him remember?! Then she offers her nephew a ride to Tijuana where, ‘I’m sure you’ll find lots of clues.’ Yes those and probably some other stuff too. I’m going to have my children tagged.

What they’re trying to imply by having the father of the Spanish child appear as a set of shady eyes and then being chased by the filth I don’t know but the intro does remind me of the point click intros of yore. Good times, esse.

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