Thursday, 15 November 2007

Mass Effect: In the distant future there is only strip bars and lesbian lovin’

Mass Effect is an epic, sci-fi love-in, for the Xbox 360. And ‘lovin’ is exactly what has ignited the interweb with geek drooling and at the other end of the universe, moral outrage.

Geeks haven’t been this excited since the infamous ‘black coffee’ mini game hidden in GTA4, where the player character could interact with women, of questionable morals, in a sex mini game.

The controversy surrounding Mass Effect is the reputed alien, lesbian, sex scene. A key component to Mass Effect’s gameplay is the development of relationships between the player’s character and other beings strewn throughout the galaxy. One branch will lead (if you choose to play a woman) into a lesbian sex scene with a blue alien. Like I said, geeks are wetting themselves. However, I read this, indicating that the party pooping, Singaporean government, are to ban the game on these same ‘lovin’ grounds. No stellar surprise there.

I think both sides are missing the point, why is it that only lesbians are allowed to have sex in the future? Also how would one interact in a futuristic strip bar? There would be too many languages to know how to shout, ‘Ooooh she’s got nice ones, she has, hrrrrrrrrr.’

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dan said...

In the distant fugure, try this one on for size:

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