Wednesday, 21 November 2007

TED for a global government

The general apathy I and many of my generation feel with the current political system is evident everywhere. The three major political parties are so similar that you have to wonder if choosing between three flavours of chocolate, chocolate hazelnut and chocolate caramel politician, really warrants the term, democracy. Yes, you can choose but choosing between, as South Park put it, ‘a douche and a turd sandwich’ is negligible.

I’ve always held the conviction that those who least want power should be those that are handed the reins. I also believe that people with imaginary friends and a blatant lack of EQ (sometimes they are mutually exclusive) shouldn’t be allowed to command vast treasuries and or extensive militaries.

One group who seem to be the polar opposite of many of our current world leaders are the attendees’ and speakers at the annual TED conference. TED personifies everything that is worthwhile about being human. If an alien species were to invade and ask in a b-movie kind of way, ‘why should we spare your monkey species?’ You could confidently point them towards the TED site and ask them to pick any lecture at random and they could see first hand what Aristotle meant about leading a eudemonia/good life.

I propose that the members of TED are appointed to a global council with the entire wealth, manpower and any other resources of the planet at their disposal. The council would split these resources between the topics found on the site, Technology, Entertainment, Design, Business, Science, Culture, Arts and Global issues. Each representative would be elected as president for science, culture, whatever and would then appoint a Ministry to cover the global needs for that particular topic.

In a single TED lecture you’ll hear something more inspiring, informative and hopeful than you will have heard in the last ten years of pan political speeches. One of my favourite lectures can be found below. All bow before the TED.

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