Friday, 23 November 2007

Amazon Kindle sells out…everyone

The Amazon Kindle is a wireless; electronic book reader that can store over 200 books in its memory. As well as selling out itself, it’s sold out you and me. How, you scream impotently at your monitor? It’s going to destroy the delicate eco-system.

My mum always used to tell me that piles of newspapers would lead to spiders. This I have taken, as gospel for it is Chilean logic. So, the Kindle will lead to a decline in books and newspapers, which in turn will mean no more spiders, which in turn, means the end of the world. Don’t buy it. Protect the spider.


Clemens said...

But it is now 14 Jan and it is STILL sold out. What is going on?

Bjam said...

Chances are the Kindle is scanning something like 'safety orange' but it’s coming out 'sold out.'

I'm sure you've had similar problems with technology Clem?