Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Burmese Bloggers Battle Back

By using proxy-sites, blogs, emails, mobiles, internet cafes, YouTube etc protestors on the front line are getting stills and videos outside the borders of one the most totalitarian regimes in the world.

Compared to neighbouring China’s cyber controls, discussed here, the Burmese authorities are less sophisticated. Still, this has lead to an interesting game of cyber cat and mouse as protestors meet their contacts outside the country in forums that are quickly discovered and shut down. For the first time I can use the words ‘cyber’ and ‘dissidents’ together. We’re moving ever closer to a Gibson vision of the future.

We the readers of this blog and I, salute you protestors of Burma (Myanmar.) I even shaved my head and donned some robes in solidarity but what with the massive littering problem I won’t be going bare foot.

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