Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Unlocking Apples leads to bitter cores (iPhone)

Apple has warned, unlocking your iPhone means new firmware and software updates won’t work. And “ …Y
ou could find that you own a £270 brick," said Ben Wood, director of research firm CCS Insight. I used to own a ‘brick’ phone, as they’re called and it never did me any harm. It was a Nokia something and almost indestructible. An accidental field test involved me smoking out a second floor window when the ‘brick’ slipped between my digits and landed with a satisfying crunch on the pavement below. Oh no, thought I. But on closer examination it was perfectly fine; it had a bit of a scratch on the back but was otherwise better than ever. I had that phone for ages, literally, ages. No idea what happened to it though.

I want an iPhone and not just because I’m what the planning department at my old work used to call, ‘an early adopter.’ Not interested in children yet, thanks but because it’ll save me hassle. I’ve owned three different iPods in my time. One was the very first ‘brick’ version that simply died but the other two were snazzy iPod Nanos, causing immense jealously to my Patrick Bateman type friends. I lost both of these incredibly expensive things due to their smallness and what in hindsight I’m sure was the built in feature of, ’slip out of jean pocket so rtard has to buy a new one’ technology. This way I'll have a phone, browser and iPod all together and this time I'll graph it to my skin.

If you’re rich enough or lucky enough to own an iPhone don’t try and unlock it because then you won’t be able to download the plethora of ‘useless’ features. Idiot.

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