Thursday, 6 September 2007

Humans vs everything else

There are two upcoming MMOs that have drawn my attention away from the abyss: Tabula Rasa which I talked about here and Hellgate London which I made a flippant remark about there.

Both are set in the near future and both have you playing exclusively as human beings. Xenophobia is the only thing that will save the humans in these games and the rest of us in real life. Xenophobia not of each other, we have enough of that to fill several swimming pools full of hate but against something alien.

It’s a concept that’s explored, and I suppose I need to write one of these now:


The character known as Ozymandias who happens to be inhumanly intelligent and wealthy, (they’re not mutually exclusive) comes to the conclusion that the only way mankind will ever unite is by having a common enemy that is alien to this world. It works. I won’t spoil the plot any further but suffice to say, the final solution is enough to stop the USA and USSR from nuking each other.

Back to the games and it’s about time we had some more sci-fi orientate MMO games. The tsunami of fantasy, fuckwit fare, is enough to slit your wrists with a +4 knife of krull. Its just not realistic, human beings have it hard enough not killing each other let alone be all chummy with elves and dwarfs etc. Below are some developer walkthroughs with Richard…

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