Thursday, 27 September 2007

Pipe up the volume (Gaia theorist James Lovelock strikes back)

James (it’s all over unless we build a nuclear power plant on every street corner) Lovelock has teamed up (in a superhero fashion, they are trying to save the world after all) with the head of the science museum Chris Rapley. They’ve come up with a theory to place huge vertical pipes into the tropical seas.

“Floating pipes reaching down from the top of the ocean into colder water below, move up and down with the swell. As the pipe moves down, cold water flows up and out onto the ocean surface. A simple valve blocks any downward flow when the pipe is moving upwards. Colder water is more "productive" - it contains more life, and so in principle can absorb more carbon.” – BBC news site.

Still, if the worse comes to pass and the ice caps melt flooding us all, living in a Waterworld won’t be so bad. I’ve been practicing with my harpoon gun in the bath tub for years.


As per Dan's comment below here is his take on the climate problem:


dan said...

good idea, might work. some people have reservations though. what about idea of polar cities to house survivors of global warming events in the future? see Wikipedia entry on this subject or google the term as "polar cities" to see my blog on this:

blam, can you post a blog note about my idea of POLAR CITIES, since you seem to understand wild ideas.....SMILE....thanks


i am making a blueprint art drawing of a model polar city now.... i can send it to you when ready, can you blog on this idea>?

dan said...
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Bjam said...

It's an interesting idea dan...

dan said...

thanks, Ben. You are one of the few people in the world, so far, who actually took time to reply to my email about polar cities, and also think it is an intersting idea. MOST people tell me i am crazy, and some denialists get very angry at me in email too, calling me all kinds of names. all i am doing is floating an idea, a very far out wild idea, but an idea that might serve two purposes: 1. to make people THINK long and hard about what really might be in store for humankind in the future, IF we don't take action NOW....... and 2. a kind of Swiftian modest proposal that is so outlandish and weird, that is also might make people THINK about what we are doing to this Earth..... thanks for your support on your blog. I will soon have a real architetual blueprint ready to mail out to interested people. Can i mail it to you, and if you like it, can you blog about the blueprint and post it on your blog so people can see what these things might look like. I got the idea, of course, from James Lovelock, he is my mentor in all this, he first spoke about breeding pairs in the Arctic in the far future who might the only chance for human survival, post global warming big event, 500 years in future or so, so i took his idea one step further and thought wow, eureka moment, maybe we will to start thinking about real POLAR far as I can tell, i am the only person so far in the known universe talking or blogging about POLAR CIITES, and most global warming experts cannot evn understand my idea, the PHD people cannot come down to my level....haha.....but thanks for your support, you know any journos in UK who might write about my idea in the mainstream media, like Fiona Harvey at FT or BBC or INDEPENDENT or anyone?

I have sent press releases about POLAR CITIES to reporters Andrew Revkin at N Y TImes, Fiona Harvey at FT, and others at BBC, Ap, Reuters, AFP, dpa,UPI, LA TImes, UK TElegraph, but nobody has replied. so far, POLAR CITIES idea remains far off the radar and will likely remain so for a long time to come......unless i can Branson or Gates to fund the project, or Lovelock to give us a good quote about "breeding pairs in polar cities in the far north..." but dream on, Danny Boy.....nobody's listening....



dan said...


One person who read the Lovelock letter in Nature, emailed me today about POLAR CITIES idea. think he words ring true and are important to spread around the blogosphere:

"That’s an interesting idea, Danny, re polar cities! I read somewhere that by genetic engineering they are trying to harvest produce that can withstand extreme temp like when nuclear winter in future....your thought is somewhat related to that..its good. But whatever we do mother nature should not be altered...we need to somehow convey people that its high time come out of this mundane material world and try to change our lifestyle and restore the balance....we need to convey to people that adopting a moderation in spirituality and materialsm in their lives we could restore the balance of nature. Right now we are more inclined towards materialism which Is disturbing the planet earth. I think spirituality is the basis of planet earth. So if somehow we can convey this its better..."

The writer is a
Visiting Fellow,National Institutes of Health

Bethesda, USA