Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Lover’s Online

An article I read yesterday on the beeb investigates the phenomenon of people meeting their significant udders, not only online but in online games. And no, it’s not just the geek core massive.

I’ve only ever met ‘friends’ online before and never anyone I’d want to share my oxygenated bubble with. I was lucky enough to meet my Level 60, Dual-Glow stick wielding, she devil across a sweat and sick slicked dance floor, with ear bleeding bass muffling our sweet nothings.

My two brief forays into the virtual world were via Ultima Online and WoW (World of Warcraft). When I landed in the world of Britannia, being very young, I latched onto other gamers’ as parental or older sibling figures. A paedophile’s cyber dream.

I avoided any grooming and managed, through flattery, “wow, you’ve got like master level, in like, everything. You must be the best player in the game!” Then they’d shower me (careful) in free armour, weapons, whatever. People in the virtual world are just as susceptible to flattery as those in the real. The difference is a sprite doesn’t need a poker face.

The second, which nearly ended in full blown addiction, was WoW. WoW was a different affair, as generally, most people seemed to lack the most rudimentary typing skills.

“Shall we go and kill those zombies over there?”

“Whahaar, u suxxorz n00b, I’m lvl 40 and towwally owns joo.”

Those with basic communication skills, tended to be single serving friends. Cyber one night stands, where you’d get together for some mutual advantage, promise to see each other again and then never bother. The virtual and real worlds are more similar then you might think.

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