Friday, 7 September 2007

Left 4 Dead


What’s happened? Oh no…Oh God, Dave. You’ve…you’ve been bitten.

You know what to do…


And so it would go if the world were suddenly overrun by the undead. It’s just a realistic situation. To prepare for such a mental and physically exhausting experience as a zombie rampage, I’d advise you play Left 4 Dead. In the same way that you can download games that are meant to be as close to being in a US Army led campaign, here you’ll have the opportunity to train for, let’s face it, a certainty.

There are four of you to start with (see, clever yeah, like the name) as you navigate the usual urban sprawl of subways, warehouses, streets, hospitals etc all the while the ungrateful dead pursue you.

The characters shout things like, ‘reloading,’ ‘hunter,’ ‘go, go, go’ etc. to inform anyone else your playing with either what your currently pumping three kinds of Pb into and why you’ve suddenly stopped shooting.

From what I understand every time you play Left 4 Dead, the experience will be different. This is because the Skynet type A.I monitors how each player is reacting and adjusts when and the intensity of each attack happens. This makes it perfect practice for a real life zombithon.

Not to mention you can see things from the other side. Yep, you can play as different Zombie ‘bosses.’ There’s an exploding one, a fat one and a fast one. A accurate reflection of society then. It’s always good to be objective.

Arrrrrr, brains!

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