Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The memory rapists return

Vultures swarming down, an endless number swoop in through the front door. Cock sure builders voices echo through and across the space. They talk incessantly about knocking down walls, bastardising hallways.

A screaming queen, a stereotype in stereo, chimes in on the fabulous garden and what fantastic parties are to be had here. The whole alien family is here poking and stripping the corpse clean before it’s even cold.

Is there an up shot to all this? Probably not.

I’ve had a knife held to my throat before but even then it seemed hyper-real, like a film or something. All the lines the mugger was coming out with made it sound too cliché to be real. I felt detached.

This is completely different though. The muggers smile and not with malevolence. They’re polite. And yet can there be a bigger ‘fuck you’ to the buyer than coming round while we’re still here with builders in toe, as they literally talk about demolishing everything that made that place your home.


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Tad said...

so, your taking the move well i take it?