Monday, 3 September 2007

Hazy Days (Haze)

Officially, drug use in the army is a good thing. The trick is not to get your soldiers using substances like weed or heroin as this might make them incapable of fighting, either physiologically or psychologically.

What you want is something like Nectar, which is what Mantel gives its private army to fight more effectively in combat zones dotted around the globe. If you watch the video you’ll see the benefits of not O.Ding on the stuff.

I had a classmate who went to Iraq and was stationed in Basra at the beginning of the conflict. He said it was pretty uneventful but had he been given Nectar along with a cavalier vest, boots, helmet and everything else the M.O.D failed to give our boys in the sand pit, then maybe he could have single handily saved the day instead of shooting stray dogs. And I mean actual, dogs. Good to know the armed forces are making a real difference.

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